Women in Excellence 

This course is ideal for people ready to enter the junior management or first-line supervision environment. It covers various skills and character traits that will assist candidates to not only secure a promotion, but also survive various pitfalls and thrive in their respective positions.  


Women in Excellence Training Program

(Online, Distance Learning Program)

1.    Course Overview

Globally, times are extremely tough right now. Never in our lifetime have we witnessed the double-edged challenge of an economy on its knees, together with the unprecedented and devastating effect of a virus that has and will continue to lead to major job losses.

Sadly, going forward qualifications will not be the only determination for success. Job seekers will also have to display the correct skills-set and character traits in order to be successful in these challenging times. These are people who will be able to display leadership skills and competency at various levels. 

Leadership and supervision is not for everyone. But those who aspire to lead, by virtue of their life experiences, skills and or qualifications, should be identified and their potential harnessed. This course is therefore ideal for people ready to enter the junior management or first-line supervision environment. It covers various skills and character traits that will assist candidates to not only secure a promotion, but also survive various pitfalls and thrive in their respective positions.  

Using years of real world, practical on-the-job experience, underpinned by extensive theoretical research, this is a comprehensive and holistic course that will equip aspirant people with the ability to embark on an incredible voyage of self-discovery and drill deeper into the insights of first line supervision. The more they learn and know, the more rewarding their experiences. 

2.    Who should enroll?

Any person who aspires to be promoted into a first line supervision and management position having had a minimum of two years’ experience in their existing positions. Unemployed graduates and holders of diplomas are welcome to enrol.

3.    What will you learn?

This programme offers prospective learners tools, models and suggestions to display effective supervisory skills to gain a wider understanding of the real world of work; how to avoid the pitfalls and how to navigate through challenging environments in dealing with subordinates, peers, managers, customers and suppliers.

Candidates will gain effective leadership skills that can be applied immediately in their personal and professional lives thereby increasing confidence, building morale and enhancing overall performance. This programme will enhance self-discipline and overall performance with a view of opening multiple doors of opportunities. 

4.    Course Content (Subject to confirmation and flexible to accommodate a changing environment.)

5.    Training methodology.

All training will be done on-line via Zoom. Material will also be uploaded on the RealWorld training website, www.rwtraining.co.za and will also be available by email. Learners will be able to engage with the facilitator, network with external experts and apply the theory of supervision skills and traits in the real-world environment. Weekly on- line session will be conducted in 1 x 2hr parts. Weekly Tutorial Letters will be circulated.

These sessions will be supported by Power-point presentations which can also be down- loaded from the website or obtained via email. About 25% of the theory is managed by learners as self-study. 

6.    Course Details.

6.1    Delivery: Online (distance learning)

6.2    Frequency: Weekly, every Saturdays

6.3    Duration: 2 hours (from 10:00 to 11:55)

6.4    On-line lectures: Via Zoom (Learners must download Zoom app)

6.5    Self-study hours: +- 3 hours per week

6.6    Cost: No cost. (Normally R 3900 per person)

6.7    Registration cost: R 150 pp

6.8    Language of Instruction: English

6.9    Assessment Requirements: Online participation, case studies, assignments, open book tests, special tasks and presentations

6.10  Course Certificate: A non-NQF, Certificate of Achievement will be awarded on successful completion

6.11  Pass Mark: Overall averag of 60% to be found competent

6.12  Stationery: Student will provide 1 x Lever-Arch file, exam pads and writing materials

7. Date of Commencement:


8. Commitment (non-negotiable):

By completing the attached Registration Form the student agrees to comply with attendance, punctuality, participation, submission of all tasks timeously and guarantee of all original work. 

9.    About the Course Facilitator: 

Ashref Ismail is a qualified teacher, lecturer, and certified facilitator, assessor, moderator, mentor and performance coach. He holds multiple qualifications and is passionate about training and development. He provides training all over the country and has also trained in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya.

10.    Course Partner: 

This course is run in association with the Cii Youth Foundation.

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Women in Excellence Training Program - Course Content

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